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Every year, children enjoy festivities that include the coloring of Easter eggs, annual egg hunts and other activities that have emerged through the years as a growing holiday tradition.

Decorate An Easter Tree

Many families enjoy various traditions of Easter, one of which includes decorating an Easter tree.  Just as you might decorate a Christmas tree, an Easter tree is adorned with colorful ornaments.  The most common decoration is plastic Easter eggs, which are readily available at any retailer and in a variety of bright colors.  By threading a piece of yarn through the top of a plastic egg, you can easily form a loop to hang on a tree branch.

Coloring Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is a tradition, and it’s also a favorite past time of many children.  Coloring Easter eggs with family and friends and the smell of vinegar that’s added to the egg coloring will forever remind you of the holiday and the pride that you feel when the eggs are completed.  These are just a few of the fond memories that will stay with your child throughout their life and as they pass the tradition on to their own children in the future.

Little ones love color, which is partly why they love to color Easter eggs.  A variety of hues, which can even be mixed together to create custom colors are available in retail kits everywhere.  In some cases, Easter egg coloring kits even include a special crayon that children can use to write their names or even a special message on the egg, which will be visible after the egg is colored.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Children love to hunt for Easter eggs and, come rain or shine, it’s important to be ready to accommodate this tradition.  If it’s raining outside, make plans to have an Easter egg hunt inside your home.  You can use real colored eggs or even plastic eggs if you choose.  A fun way to make the hunt exciting is to hide little novelties or rewards in each of the plastic eggs, which may include small toys (pay close attention to age recommendations), candy or even a dollar bill.

The Easter Basket

Many parents enjoy surprising their children with Easter baskets.  You can either custom make these yourself with a basket, Easter-themed filling and toys or candy of your choosing, or you can purchase a pre-made basket.  Either way, it’s fun to surprise your child with his/her very own surprise on Easter morning.  Plastic Easter eggs are ideal for hiding small presents inside, which makes them perfect accents for a basket.  Another fun way to use Easter eggs, either plastic or real, is to place them in a line that acts as a trail to the Easter basket.  Create a trail leading from your child’s room directly to the gift and when they awake in the morning, they can climb out of bed and enjoy the excitement of following a trail that leads to their very own Easter basket filled with gifts.