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755 S Saginaw ST
  • MLS Number: 217104158
  • Approx. Sqft: 36500
  • Lot Size: 0.23
  • Year Built: 1909
  • Zoning: Commercial
  • 755 S Saginaw ST
    Flint, Michigan 48502
Courtesy of: Century 21 Metro Brokers


From the days when Flint was a thriving backwoods hamlet, the center of the lumbering industry for this section of Michigan, through 1976, when it was the third city in population in the state and the second largest manufacturing city in the automobile world, the Masonic has been a landmark. Was Built 1909 and finished 1911, Masons have occupied this building at 755 S. Saginaw for 107 Years this January 1, 2018 This building is approximately 43,700 SF. Interesting Features: • The masonry walls are 18 inches thick • Considering the basement, Mezzanine, Storage and locker rooms, it is a 7-story building. • All the floors are identified by name, Basement, Lobby, Mezzanine, Blue, Storage, York and Lockers. • When built the entry level Auditorium was the largest in the city of Flint. Seating over 400 people. • The building is a State Historic Site. This building is a gem with 108 years of history and deserves to continue to be a landmark in the City of Flint.

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